Oyster Engineering: Empowering Bangladesh through Civil Work and Renewable Energy Solutions

Welcome to Oyster Engineering, a Bangladesh-based company at the forefront of delivering transformative solutions in Civil Work and Renewable Energy sectors.

Civil Work Services: Our team of skilled civil engineers and architects excels in architectural design, construction, and project management. From residential to commercial projects, we create aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient spaces, while driving infrastructure development across the nation.

Renewable Energy Solutions: Harnessing Bangladesh’s solar and wind energy potential, we design and implement sustainable solutions. Our solar energy systems and wind energy projects contribute to a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

At Oyster Engineering, we are dedicated to enhancing Bangladesh’s future through excellence in Civil Work and Renewable Energy. Join us in building a better and more sustainable tomorrow.


Civil Work

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions and services to support military operations and ensure the safety of personnel. These are cutting-edge solutions that enhance the capabilities of defence agencies also by providing essential training and resources.



Renewable Energy

Oyster Engineering is dedicated to sustainable energy adoption, ethical construction methodologies, and reducing the ecological footprint of our offerings throughout their complete life cycle – from sourcing raw materials to recycling at end-of-life stage. Our vision revolves around generating lasting value by facilitating a planet driven by clean, accessible solar power. We stand as your steadfast partner for all energy solutions, committed to providing unwavering support.

Engineering & Construction

we stand as trailblazers in the realm of Engineering & Construction, delivering unparalleled excellence in every project. Our seasoned team of engineers, architects, and construction experts collaborates to bring visionary designs to life. With a commitment to quality, safety, and sustainable practices, Oyster Engineering is your trusted partner for crafting a future where engineering meets ingenuity, and construction is synonymous with excellence. 

Smart City

With a focus on integrated infrastructure, digital connectivity, energy efficiency, and smart building solutions, we redefine urban landscapes with precision and innovation. Our commitment to sustainability, collaborative approach, and expertise in Civil Work positions us as leaders in crafting cities that are not just technologically advanced but also sustainable, efficient, and designed for a future where connectivity meets sustainability. Welcome to the next era of urban development with Oyster Engineering.

Road Construction

Oyster Engineering is your foremost ally in the art of Road Construction, where every mile signifies precision, durability, and connectivity. Our experienced team of civil engineers and construction experts brings innovation to every stretch, creating roadways that seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment.We undertake projects that redefine the standards of durability, safety, and efficiency. At Oyster Engineering, we pave the way for a connected future, where every road built is a testament to our commitment to excellence in construction and infrastructure development.

Traffic Management

Oyster Engineering takes the lead in crafting solutions for Efficient Traffic Management, where every intersection is a testament to our commitment to safety and fluidity. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and strategic planning, we design traffic systems that optimize the flow of vehicles, minimize congestion, and enhance overall road safety. Our expertise extends beyond infrastructure – it's a holistic approach aimed at creating smarter, safer, and more navigable urban environments.


Oyster Engineering stands as a beacon of expertise in Dredging & Reclamation, mastering the art of reshaping coastlines and waterways. Our skilled marine engineers and cutting-edge dredging equipment ensure meticulous removal of sediment, fostering navigable waters for maritime activities. Whether deepening ports or reclaiming land for development, our commitment to precision and environmental sustainability remains unwavering.

We aim to reshape the nation's infrastructure and energy landscape, contributing to a greener, more efficient, and prosperous future.

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